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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 14, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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square, people out and about after another record setting day as we reached 07 degrees, again but wet weather is moving in our area live look at storm scan three, where you can see that line of storms pushing its way, eastward our way but how much rain will we get? good afternoon i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. the lets get over to kate bilo tracking the rain. kate, we have been going wow, who but this weather but now the rain. >> now rain is coming in and it will put an end to the streak of the broken record today, yet another day, third day in a row we have broke an old record in philadelphia, now that the rain is moving in along the cold front. you can see that line of showers and storms across eastern seaboards. snow around northern edge of the storm but for us it is all rain, way too warm for frozen precipitation as we know and you can see that line of showers and thunderstorms working its way n we have steady to moderate rain across south jersey and delaware. line of showers and a few thunderstorms off to the west as we zoom in over lancaster
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county, you can see this steady rain and strong gusty wind as well. wouldn't be shocked to hear thunder or see a flash of lightening, it is turning into december and so are 70's. we have moisture and warmth moving eastward and it will be around in the first part of the offer night hours. temperatures have dropped with the rain. wilmington with rain falling down to 59 degrees. in philadelphia eighties still 66 degrees. the reading is at 64. mount pocono at 58. and then today we will hit 07 degrees in philadelphia 70, on the 14th of december, yesterday, was 71 but today broke a very old record, record was 69, setback in 1881, this is warmest it has been in 134 years. coming up i'll tell you when rain moves out and what to expect once it the gets on out and how much cooler, in the seven day forecast, ukee. >> thanks, ukee. those lasers, and projectors have become the must have halloween lighting
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gadget but new jersey police say they have become a hot item for thieves. "eyewitness news", new jersey reporter cleve bryan, joins us from vineland, new jersey with more details, cleve. >> reporter: ukee, star shower can put thousands of those little lights on your house, all, with just plugging in one little device making it one of the hottest items this holiday season. i don't mean just hot by different and cool but hot as in stolen in vineland. >> it goes in the ground. >> reporter: at the first popular star shower laser lights were flying off the shelves, and now it appears they are flying off of lawns. >> well, in the morning i woke up and it was gone. >> everything was dark. we saw the fuse went out but whole thing was taken. >> reporter: vineland police say in the last week four homeowners had their laser lights lifted. >> i came back down and they stole mine that quick. >> i think that is lowest of low, christmas lights. >> reporter: like many evelyn slater bought her star shower thanksgiving weekend. >> i could in the wait for it to turn on a at nighttime.
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>> now all that is left in the front yard is a lonely extension cord. >> my cord is still out there, yes. i haven't even tried to put it back in. >> reporter: despite warnings about the potential to blind airline pilots the $40 and up star showers sold out just about every where, no supply, means lots of demand. >> what, ten, $15 on the street. >> i took a quick look on craigs list to check out retail prices. wow. one hundred bucks. seventy, hundred, hundred. >> reporter: as people are not ashamed at the gouging this guy says hundred bucks, don't low ball me. ronald lopez has two stolen but his grand kid were really upset. >> grand pop, why you take them down. i didn't take them down. somebody stole them. >> i was mad because it just looks so good. the looks like an ordinary house on the block. >> it is upsetting. >> reporter: what movie character does this remind you of. >> the grinch, definitely. >> reporter: jena lynn's grandmother bought a spare and
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doesn't want to get burned twice. >> i will put it out christmas eve and hopefully it the will last one night and take it right off and put ate way. >> reporter: experts say if you are going to buy one of these star showers secondhand you should make sure that it comes in the the box. reporting live, i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a touching tribute to a high school freshman killed in the tragic accident over the weekend. he was hit by a car while riding his skateboard an "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos went to doylestown today where the teenager was remember the on the football field. >> reporter: this afternoon hundreds of steven kim's classmates, friend, teammate gathered here at the football field where he played to remember the 14 year-old star quarterback killed in the skateboarding accident this weekend. parents are not supposed to bury their children but the kim family is now dealing with that horrible reality. >> i'm so sad to see him go.
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he means so much to everyone. thank you so much for coming out everyone. >> reporter: through tears and bright memories. >> he was a great football player, great kid and a great person. >> reporter: hundreds gathered in the bleachers and on the war memorial field to remember 14 year-old steven kim, the the star central bucks west football player who died saturday night. >> he was a major part of my life. i cannot thank you you for everything you have done for me. you helped me be the personally am today and i hope you are somewhere looking down on me. >> reporter: steve up's fashion was football but enjoyed skateboarding and that is what he was doing saturday night the when he was struck and killed here on easton road. >> i miss you so much. you are my best friend. >> reporter: now this community is left without a friend, a promising young student athlete with a huge smile and a way to brighten peoples lives. >> he could smile and laugh. he would radiate that positive attitude to everyone around you. you are someone that always picked my day up.
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>> reporter: in doylestown greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". local democrats are pushing to change the law and bar those on the federal terrorist watch list, from pursuing or purchasing rather guns. "eyewitness news" in cherry hill where congressman donald norcross was among those calling for action. he says that closing the loop hole is common sense. >> quite frankly most of the people here in the america get it, one of the few folks that don't are those who serve with me in congress. >> among those who also want a action from congress is pennsylvania senator bob casey, who visited the cbs-3 studios today. >> i hope that we can get some kind of bipartisan consensus on it. it just does president make any sense if someone cannot get on a airplane because they are a suspect terrorist why should they be able to get a gun or explosives. >> debate over guns and terror watch list escalated following the deadly shootingness san bernardino. philadelphia police want
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the public's help to find a robbery suspect. take a good look at this surveillance video. on november 20th suspect wearing a black jacket and camouflage pants stole $836 from a man riding an elevator at a building, in west powellton. the suspect was last seen on the building's fire escape, in one was hurt. bill cosby has filed a counterclaim in federal court against seven of the female accusers. the cosby filed his claim in boston alleging that the woman are attempting to assassinate his reputation. all of the women have previously sued cosby for defamation. he called their accusations malicious, opportunistic and false. women suing cosby are a among those 50 accused the comedian of unwanton sexual contact. tonight the search continues for person who shot and injured a bald eagle in pitstown, new jersey. >> authorities are offering a 75 hundred dollars reward for any information leading to an arrest. the the eagle nicknamed lily, was in the tree several days
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injured from an apparent shooting. only cbs-3 cameras were rolling when lily was rescued last week. the bird now recovering after leg surgery, yesterday. by the the way shooting an eagle is a violation of two federal laws. still to come tonight, a symbolic road for a local man, california bound for rose parade in pass dean, why the trip means so much to him and his emotional reaction. kate the? and after a stretch of record breaking days we have a cold front moving through and it is bringing showers and even a few thunderstorms. you can see this line moving into chester county but you what happens when rain gets out of here? does it stay warm? i'll have the seven day forecast and justin drabick will take you beyond coming up. everyoner what it is like to jump out of the plane? we will tell you who recorded this bird eye view of the landing, don. speaking of the bird, chip kelly is not afraid of commitment, don't miss what the head coach is saying about keeping sam bradford in eagles
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hey, you can help spread holiday joy this year just bow a new unwrapped toy for our toy of sharing toy fest and find a list at cbs fest. those toys will be all collect and then distributed by the salvation army, uso and boys and girls club. well, local man gets, will attend the rose parade on new years day, good to go. >> it is all because he got a second chance of life when he was receiving a brand new heart. >> that is right. >> mark was select as one of the 24 people, who would ride on the 2016 donate life rose
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parade float. hand map university hoff where he got a heart transplant hosted a send off celebration for him today. he is sponsored by new jersey sharing network foundation and gift of life donor program, to represent organ donors and those hoff received donations. and he says that it is important to pay it forward. >> we're paying it forward every day, how can we not? how dare we not? we know what it is like because when i was waiting and people would come and say i a had mine two days ago, i kid you not, gave me such confidence that everything would be okay. we have the cure, we just don't have the donors. that is all, it is that simple. >> the the 13th donate life rose parade float represents more than 120 million registered organ, eye, tissue donors all across the u.s. group of new jersey middle schoolers has very special teach tours day. >> science lesson of the day was hockey. philadelphia flyers hosted a science of hockey lesson at
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their facility in voorhees. more than 200 students from cinnaminson middle will school turnout. student learned how a puck's temperatures changes how it rebound. they discovered how angle is a affect a hockey shot and pass. most have all they learned that an education is always the the best choice. >> the best gift thaw can get is an education and greatest gift my grand mom gave me was an education. she made me study. >> after the science lesson the students also got to sit in on a flyers practice session, we see that, work abe science in action. amazing video from army west point athletic as gold up knights take flight into lincoln financial feel. this video shows what they saw as they entered the field. this is before saturday's army/navy game, great game it was, great turnout in our city, once again, many thanks to all these who came to
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experience this wonderful event. >> man, what a great day for so many people. >> yes. >> but for everybody else watching on tv. >> beautiful. >> so comfortable outside. >> great all the way around. >> absolutely. >> eagles game yesterday, a win and a beautiful day with temperatures in the 70's. we sat outside for breakfast it felt like we were in california. sitting outside december 13th, who would have thought it. now we have rain moving in and quickly as it came in it has intensifies. it is raining heavily in a few spots right now especially down the shore. our shore campaign take a look at the ocean city boardwalk, notice camera is shaking. rain is coming down heavily there. you can see rain on the camera complete liz soaking the boardwalk at the moment. rain took its time getting here but now that it is here it has warmth, moisture to work with and rain is falling pretty steadily across the the region down the shore and just off to the west. lets look at storm scan three and here you go notice dark green that popped up, came in
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out of in where really quickly this came from the south and pouring down the shore. we have line of heavy rain moving through portions of chester county and offer northern maryland right along i-95 north east of baltimore. this rain is moving in and that has sights set on philadelphia within the next hour or two expect decent downpours to hit our region and then that moves out. notice how quickly it is moving. notice the saving grace. it is in and out. few lingering shower through the overnight hours tonight. future weather shows showers and thunderstorms tonight. one more line could come through overnight. here's 11:00 o'clock, actual front does in the cross until overnight. a line of, skinny line of showers a rumble of thunder moving through overnight. let's recap past couple days because we broke three records in a row. first on saturday. 69 degrees at the airport. record from 1931 was 65. yesterday's record was smashed from 1923, we broke it by
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6-deedee grease and last week were talking about this record. that is an old one but we will be close if the rain holds off. we broke it. 70 degrees, break ago this very old 134 year-old record from 1881. so far this month we have had six days, in the 60's here in philadelphia a record for days at or above 60 is eight day setback in 1988 and 951. longest streak was seven. unless we hit it tomorrow on wednesday, which i don't think we will, we will not break the streak but two more days above 60 we may just break that record. temperatures tumble as we head through end of the week, still mild wednesday into thursday then a front comes through thursday into friday bringing that cooler air in and that cooler air so far this month arrives on saturday. winter coats will be needed. it first day below average all month long. could it possibly be only day
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below average this month, we will, closer at that in the moment. breezy and mild 55 degrees. steady rain right now. for tomorrow sunshine and patchy clouds, near 60's. 59 degrees. the northwesterly wind will make it feel cooler. in your eyewitness weather seven day forecast still mild, temps well above average but no where near record breaking. thursday another storm comes in with another threat for rain, friday, lingering shower at 48. there is sat the day, cold, blustery at 40 degrees. if you have been bee moaning the lack of winter weather saturday is your day outside and then right back to seasonal sunday and upper 40's another warm up, on the the way for next week. it will be pretty interesting. >> yes, it will be. >> got that right. >> after a weekend cool down we are tracking return to warmth. >> justin drabick is live in franklin square, justin. >> jessica, yeah. not too often you get to hang outside in the middle of december without the heavier coat. rain is picking up and believe me there were people here earlier i'm not lying but rain
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is trying to chase a few people away. it does than the feel like christmas but it looks like christmas here. this is electrical spectacle here at franklin square. every half an hour top and bottom they have the light show going. 50,000 lights here, center piece is kite for ben franklin and famous kite that discovered lightening. background music is set up to philly pops the just a cool look out here even though it doesn't feel like christmas. food stand opened here as well this runs every day until 8:00 y funny. they have no problems here with temperatures, in the 60's, just keeping this going. even carousal was going earlier. but there were people here earlier. lets talk about what is ahead in our forecast, kate mentioned a cool down coming up this weekend but look at what happens between december 21st and 27th. the entire u.s. is back a would have average and in the northeast well above average when you average in these high temperature. as we get close to christmas we are warming things up.
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historical probability for a white christmas around philadelphia, 10 percent of less in the poconos, it business 40 percent. this year's forecast, really no chance around the delaware valley. you have to go up to northern new england to see best chance and that is northern vermont, new york and maine. it looks like in threat for white christmas but we are getting rained on here as this rain picks up here. we are live from franklin square we will be right back more news after this. holiday season's just like football season... you got your big games... ...and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. everything in one place. my giant.
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you got your big games... ...and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. everything in one place. my giant. don joins us now. the a lot of people watching yesterday, going sam bradford, is what the deal. >> wait a minute, it sam the man. >> he might be good. >> he might be good. >> i'm just saying. >> as tip toeing in the background trying not to be noticed quietly sam bradford is having a sneaky good run at quarterback forbidder.
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they are five-one in his last six games he has started and finish. sam was at it again yesterday, that won't exactly blow you away but leading bird to win. he was solid in the win over bills and he has a 96.9 quarterback rating over his last four starts. chip kelly has taken notice. >> just the improvement from sam on a weekly base that is gets you excited about him. i thought he threw the ball extremely well. we could have helped him better. we had too many drops. >> i do feel better out there i feel more comfortable. more confident in what we're doing. as a quarterback when you are confident and able to let things rip that is when you play your best. >> now when you think of the boca raton, florida you think of both bet shoes, straw hats, cocktails and stroll. the thought of boca make temple owls giddy. they are getting ready for match up of toledo next tuesday. it has been i great year for temple ape wayne begins rockets would set stool record for most wins in the season with 11.
6:25 pm
the owls are raising the bar. >> the freshman that are here now understand this is what you can do at temple. this is what you can do. you can stand there, with a kid from alabama and kid from penn state and win a national award and deserve it. so i think our level of expectation as a program has to rise. >> pete rose has been denied. all time hits king applied for reinstatement to baseball and rob manfred says rose continued to gamble even after he was issued a lifetime ban to the game. he was originally banish in 1989. steelers/bengals yesterday, two team for the before the the team, but during it, pittsburgh defensive back williams jay, he gets an interception and takes it back to the house and like out school soul train. >> he just with in the stop dancing. >> every where he went, handshaking and more dancing like the play is long over, flag on the play, he does not care.
6:26 pm
>> bengals will remember that. >> look at him. >> he just continues. >> but he is dancing with the stars he is auditions. >> they won't forget that. >> yes. >> good show. >> we're busted. >> i'm out. >> we will be right back.
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we want to apologize for an offensive shirt on someone we interviewed earl are in the broadcast. we apologize for not catching that. "eyewitness news" returns at 10:00 o'clock on the cw philly and we will be back here at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news" from new york. here now is scott pelley. take care family we will see you later tonight.
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>> pelley: the commander-in-chief tries again to reassure an anxious nation. >> we are fighting harder than ever. >> pelley: cbs news is fighting terror on the ground. also tonight, trailing in iowa, trump goes after front-runner cruz. >> i don't think he has the right temperament. >> pelley: controlling the soaring zone population. owners will soon have to register. and the sounds of growing harmony between cuba and the united states. >> this is captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: today president obama revealed that the dozens of special operations commandos he ordered into syria are now on


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